Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice describes why we gather personal data and how we handle it. TrilbyTV is a service of Trilby Multimedia Limited, a UK based company governed by The Data Protection Act and registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. In designing our software we ensure we collect the minimum amount of data required to make our services work. This notice also outlines what privacy and security considerations we expect from you in relation to using TrilbyTV.

  1. We collect information from you when you sign up to TrilbyTV. This information includes your Name, School and an email address.
  2. By registering and using TrilbyTV you are allowing us to provide you with services via the TrilbyTV applications and website. It is your responsibility to ensure that we are kept up to date if the information changes or becomes invalid.
  3. We will only use the information collected to provide you with TrilbyTV and for the management and operation of services provided by Trilby Multimedia Limited and our partner organisations and resellers.
  4. We also collect information from students when they sign up. This includes First and Last Name, Sign Up code and an optional email address. With the Sign Up code we are able to link students to their respective school. This is done to ensure students only see their school information and for the purposes of account management.
    1. As a school provided service you should obtain the consent of parents/guardians of your students before allowing them to register and use the service. If we discover or are informed that consent was not obtained for an individual we reserve the right to close the account and remove and destroy all materials.
    2. When you provide students with the Sign Up code you should be aware that they may share this code with others who would then have access to the content on your TrilbyTV service.
  5. By uploading video material to TrilbyTV you are publishing it to a server based in the UK. The video material can only be seen by people with access to your school system by means of the Sign Up code. Any material uploaded can be seen by staff at Trilby Multimedia Limited and may be viewed to assist in support issues or to check for breaches of our Acceptable Content Policy. By uploading materials you are agreeing that you have obtained any permissions for the content to be published from any existing copyright owners and any individuals featured in the content.
  6. We may use your personal details (Name, Email address) to contact you regarding our services and your account. By giving us your details you are allowing us to do this via Email and Telephone.
  7. We will never share your details with another organisation without your prior consent. The only exception to this is where such a disclosure is required by Law. We may from time to time collect and anonymise data to produce statistics, for product improvement or for service monitoring provided this does not include any personal data.
  8. In the event that Trilby Multimedia Limited is bought by another entity then the data held on the TrilbyTV service will transfer to the new owner along with this Privacy Notice. The new entity may continue to use the data gathered in the way this notice describes.
  9. Any changes to this notice may be made from time to time and will come in to effect 30 days from the change date, the current version will always be displayed on the TrilbyTV website.

If you have any comments or issues with the above notice please get in touch with us using the information on our Contacts page.

Last updated: Friday, April 29, 2016