Acceptable Content Policy

This policy describes what is and is not acceptable content to be stored and transmitted via the TrilbyTV or website. TrilbyTV is intended for users to publish and share original media that they themselves and sometimes their colleagues have created. By using Trilby TV you are agreeing to abide by this policy, our Privacy Notice and our Terms of Service.

What IS acceptable

  1. Upload as much video that you have created that contains original work.
  2. Think about the people in your video and make sure they are happy to be included.
  3. Give credit where needed, if someone helps you in your work or you use someone else's image give them a credit and a thank you.
  4. Be polite and supportive in any feedback and comments. Helpful words encourage good work.

What IS NOT acceptable

  1. Uploading of other peoples work is wrong, they can register and upload their own.
  2. Do not show, do or say something that you would not do in school. Remember your audience is other people just like you.
  3. Any illegal or prohibited content will result in your account being closed and you will be reported to your school.
  4. Do not post any commercial content. This includes adverts.

If you see any content that upsets or offends you you should report it immediately to an adult. Adults should get in touch with the TrilbyTV support team and let us know so we can remove the content.

If you have any comments or issues with the above guidance please get in touch with us using the information on our Contacts page.

Last updated: Monday, March 7, 2016